Email Marketing: Tools and Relevancy

In order for email content to be engaging, it must be to the point and relevant. It must be also be highly personalised and add value. By monitoring the behaviour of the consumer brands can then move the user to take an important action, for instance by using the “Foot in the door” on-boarding technique.

The “Foot in the door” email technique, refers to establishing a bond with the consumer by initially calling upon them to perform a small seemingly trivial task, then once a relationship is formed asking them to do the previously-intended “bigger” task. An example of this technique would be to ask your audience to attend an event related to your brand, and then secondly, refer your brand on to five people.

Once the consumer completes the first task, they will feel obliged to comply with the second task, thus forming a bond. The aim of such email marketing is to provide a warm welcome, guidance and motivation to new email subscribers.  This technique will help to convert new email subscribers into eventual brand advocates.

Brands could also make use of mobile phone push notifications and app notifications, when used correctly (and sparingly!) these can be used to provide helpful content to the consumer such as reminders to complete their transaction with your brand, or a reminder to leave feedback after purchase. These can be tailored to appear at a time suitable to the user.

Ultimately, brands need to be aware of the context of their marketing, emails and notifications need to be highly-targeted and only delivered in situations where they will definitely deliver value. Customers are likely to find content personally tailored to them to be highly engaging, however mass irrelevant spamming will lead brands to a quick dead end.


Email Marketing: Untapped Potential

Email marketing offers great potential for return on investment, more so even than SEO according to the latest Email Marketing Industry Census report, the report showed that 73% of those surveyed said that email marketing offered excellent to good ROI.

There is room for growth in the use of this channel, the report showed marketing expenditure on email and proportions of sales attributed to email had both grown. The report also declared that firms can see a direct link between spending a larger share of their budget on email marketing and seeing their sales attributed to it grow exponentially.

Email marketing represents a relatively cheap channel to both acquire and retain customers through and therefore offers a lot of potential to marketers.

Mobile continues to heavily influence email marketing, email opens on mobile phones are at their highest point ever and are set to increase. However, despite the increase use of mobiles, mobile email conversations are on the decline and (according to the report) only a select few number of firms have optimised their email services to mobile.

This presents a missed opportunity for many marketers and follows the theme of this piece. Digital marketers are failing to tap in to the potential that email marketing offers, whether through lack of mobile optimisation or lack of engaging content. Both of these factors must be contributing to the decline in email conversations.