Apple Watch: Digital Marketing at an arm’s length away

Apple’s latest breakthrough in consumer innovation is their “Apple watch”, which offers marketers the opportunity to get closer than ever to the consumer. Linking directly and wirelessly to the consumer’s iPhone, the watch offers the consumer a highly accessible piece of technology at just a glance away and this is important considering on average consumers look at their phones 200 times a day and most of these moments consist of no more than a quick glance.

Users want to be able to act upon the information they receive through the watch simply and immediately, and actionable, button-enabled notifications will allow the consumer to respond to messages and execute actions within apps with only a couple of button taps on their Apple Watch. These button taps provide businesses, with new ways to learn about consumer behaviours and may offer integration with other apps and provide linkup in actual physical locations.

Of course, the consumer will not want to be pestered all day long with constant notifications, so individually each customer will be able to control from which apps they allow push notifications. Ultimately, the goal is to allow each individual consumer to receive highly relevant notifications which have significance to their lives therefore providing great benefit for the user.

Mobile technology is moving towards a trend of “front door” interaction, whereby notifications are being pushed towards the user, rather than them having to scour through each individual apps, meaning that not only is information received through apps available all in one central place, but it is often now possible to avoid even opening the app to interact with the notification. Obviously with the number of notifications that an average smart phone user receives it is important for these notifications to provide rich and useful data (that the user will engage with and not ignore) and that’s where a device such as the Apple Watch comes into play as you can really remove all the unwanted waste in place of the notifications that are actually important to you as an individual, which makes interacting with notifications less like looking for a needle in a haystack and much more personal.

This new “front door” method of receiving notifications presents a large commercial opportunity for marketers, as easily-accessible notifications will drive both engagement and revenue for the next generation of mobile companies.

I found the following articles interesting on the subject of the Watch;

Simplifying the process of allowing brands to get closer to their desired audience, by sending them tailored, relevant and increasingly easily-accessible notifications directly to their person.

I found this article useful for its description of the competition between apps for the users’ attention. It places emphasis on notifications themselves becoming the starting point for all interactions on the phone rather than the user opening each individual app in search of information, as in the “pull” model.

– Thomas Fallon


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